May 19, 2019: Why was the corner of Haight-Ashbury declared A National Treasure? Look no further than Peggy Caserta’s hippie store, Mnasidika. NPR.


I Ran Into Some Trouble

the long-awaited redemptive memoir from Peggy Caserta

The story of a generation . . .

     After living an idyllic southern childhood, including being crowned Homecoming Queen, Peggy Caserta’s increasing uneasiness with America’s 1950s southern convention became impossible to ignore.

     Armed with just enough guts, naïveté, and double Ds she broke free at thirty-thousand feet, serving briefly as an airsick stewardess until she landed squarely on the corner of Haight and Ashbury in San Francisco.

     Following her first psychedelic experience courtesy of LSD-25, Caserta opened the legendary clothing store Mnasidika, and convinced Levi Strauss Company to widen the bottom of their famous dungarees, creating the trend of bell-bottom jeans which her boutique became famous for.

     The as-yet-unknown Grateful Dead borrowed her jackets, Janis Joplin put fifty cents down on a pair of her jeans, concert promoter Bill Graham sold tickets off of Wes Wilson’s concert posters which hung there, and Sam Speerstra borrowed money from the boutique to spawn the Hare Krishna movement. Caserta was at the center of it all.

     Peace, love, and brotherhood gave way to heartache, desperation and addiction. A prison break in Mexico followed by a stint in prison stateside, Caserta finally gets clean and returns to perhaps her greatest challenges of all—caring for her aging mother back in the Bayou on the edge of dementia, and making her biggest contribution to culture yet—her memoir.



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